What Are HIV Self Test Kits And How do They Work?

With the recent developments in Medical Technology it is now possible to self test for HIV. 

The kit is an easy to use in Vitro testing device that can be used by the public to determine the status. These are currently unavailable Pharmacies but they can be purchased in Australia from online suppliers such as Head Start Testing. These self kits are shipped privately and discreetly for use by the individual at their convenience. They test for both the subtype one and subtype two virus and as well as being easy to use they are extremely accurate. The availability of these kits is one more option available to the public with the objective of increasing the percentage of people who test their status following any behavior that may have put them at risk of infection. If you are in any way concerned that you may have been infected by the HIV virus in it is essential that you test for HIV immediately . Early detection of the HIV antibodies which indicate that you have been infected by the virus affords the individual effective and early treatment and also reduces the risk of further individuals being infected.

When using HIV self test kits to check your status it is important to remember that by testing this way you'll be doing so without any associated counseling end as a result he will not be supported during the actual result process. If this is a concern for you that is greater than your desire for convenience and privacy then it is advisable for you to test your status through a medical practitioner or HIV testing centre. If you are happy or able to manage the HIV test result yourself and to seek the assistance of a medical practitioner only in the event of the HIV positive result the of the use of HIV rapid test kits may be a suitable method of HIV Testing for you. You can read more information about HIV self test kits and HIV testing options at a number of online sites including  and 

They another factor to consider when purchasing for online is privacy. 

Many individuals choose to self-test for HIV for reasons of convenience and privacy so it is important that this is respected during the payment and shipping process of the test kit in Australia. Head Start Testing Australia collect online payments through PayPal using a generic payment processing name and package products discreetly for shipping to ensure the individual's privacy is respected.

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