Taking an HIV Test in Australia, What Are my Options?

Taking an HIV Test in Australia, What Are my Options?

Taking an HIV Test in Australia, What Are my Options?

Fortunately testing for HIV and Australia is widely accessible and individuals have a range of testing methods to choose from. One method gaining in popularity due to its convenience and privacy is self testing using an test kit in the privacy of the individual's home. One issue facing the public in relation to infection is individuals delayed testing for reasons of convenience of privacy. This can lead to the individual remaining undiagnosed and going on to infect other individuals with the virus. In some cases individuals may require counseling and assistance in managing their testing and test result and as such is advisable that they test for HIV with the assistance of a professional.

For others this may cause them to delay testing as they do not feel comfortable discussing it with their family GP or visiting a specialist testing clinic. In this case HIV self testing in Australia is an ideal alternative and can help to increase the percentage of that risk individuals who are testing for HIV. It is important to note that what ever testing method you choose, it will be testing for antibodies and these can take up to 12 weeks to be detectable in human blood or saliva. For this reason many individuals choose to test for HIV at 4,8 and 12 weeks after a possible infection.

Most individuals will develop HIV antibodies within four weeks of infection that others may take up to 12 weeks and in some cases up to six months for the virus to be detectable. This is one of the contributing factors to the spread of of virus as individuals may carry on at risk behavior without realizing they are infected with HIV. A responsible plan for anybody concerned about their status is to test for HIV immediately him to continue their tests until they have passed the potential antibody window. For this reason many individuals purchasing self test kits in Australia purchase three kits.

It is also important to remember when wanting to test for HIV in Australia that there is no way to detect the HIV virus apart from a medical test of blood or saliva for the HIV antibody. It is currently impossible to test for infection of the virus unless antibodies have been produced. In summary the primary objective of HIV test Australia is that more individuals concerned about the status carry out an this test and refrain from any behavior that may further endanger the health of the health of others.

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