Hiv And Aids Diagnosis,treatment Information And Early Symptoms

AIDS is a virus that first appeared in Africa in 1963 and it is every year more and more spread in the world. Today, the Aids virus is the most dangerous infections that exist. Africa is the continent with most infected people per capita in Africa every 738 persons infected with this serious infection for which still no cure. In recent years, much work to be found a cure for this virus.

There have been some attempts were not successful. 

HIV infection is something that is weaker than the Aids virus. There is a big difference between these two viruses. We will try to explain that the true difference between these two infections and a virus that is dangerous for people.

HIV is a virus that comes so that a person infected with it at an early stage. HIV can be several years in the body of man, and he is only infections. AIDS is a virus that occurs, so that HIV tends to exceed in the form of infection.

This happens when HIV begins to spread, and when the body starts to catch and infect all the organs in the body. Then comes the thesis form of infection called AIDS. Aids today can not be cured, but HIV can be. If you discover HIV in the early days, then with a good treatment by the doctor can prescribe you reversed the disease.

If you later discover that you have HIV virus then you are less likely to be cured from it. The key to success is to identify this infection in time would not have later problems with a very dangerous infection known as AIDS. It is important to note that today anyone can be HIV infected, and if not make sure you can get the HIV virus and have a lot of serious problems later.
One of the most dangerous virus on the planet today, the government and if you do not take care of yourself no one else will take care of you better than you for themselves. Therefore take care HIV because the virus is very dangerous and is now the number one killer of all viruses.

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