Why Locating HIV Support is So Difficult

Why Locating HIV Support is So Difficult

When you first become diagnosed with HIV your world turns upside down and things never quite feel the same again. You view virtually everything and everyone differently now, for life itself takes on a whole new structure. Of course at this juncture it is vitally important to ensure that you get the help, medication and in some cases counselling that your body and mind requires to stabilise your condition. However always bear in mind that your medical team do not actually comprehend what it is like to actually live with HIV.  If you are offered counselling then it will do you no harm to accept it. For here you can talk through without prejudice your inner most feelings and emotions.

Why Locating HIV Support is So Difficult

By actually saying things aloud and being given the opportunity to explore the impact that your HIV has had and is having upon your life will help you begin to come to terms with it. Counselling affords you the inner space to discover things for yourself by offering you the breathing space required for self analysis. Yet still for some people this is not enough HIV support. For the counsellor will make you seek your own solutions and come to terms with, or even discover your own feelings, they are there to listen and guide the conversation, bringing it back on track when you stray. 

Consequently, especially if recently diagnosed you need a type of HIV support in which solutions and alternative means of coping are passed on.  Ask anyone with some form of condition, disability, or disfigurement and they will tell you that they feel different from normal healthy people, for obvious reasons. Also they often feel misunderstood. How could anybody who does not suffer with the particular problem understand what it is like to live as you do on a daily basis? No one actually knows what it is like to be someone else. Even if we share conditions, disabilities or anything else, outside influences make our lives different. For we are different from each other; we are unique in make up. Therefore our lives are made up of so many differing factors which alter things and we react in different ways, making each one of us even those with exactly the same conditions experience theirs in a totally unique way to the next person. 

Subsequently no matter how many people treat you for the varying characteristics of your HIV no one will totally get it from your viewpoint or comprehend how it is impacting upon your life. Here we need also to remember that these people have been trained. They offer the treatment and the procedures because of what they have learned in the past, they do not actually have the condition themselves and can never be one hundred percent sure of the ins and outs involved for you. They can try and put themselves in your position but they will not ever really understand.  

People who actually share the condition and who have had it for some time are really good people to offer you useful HIV support. They truly understand the intricacies of the condition, obviously not from your viewpoint and life, but from a similar one, rather than books and from training. They rode the emotional rollercoaster and so are going to be able to offer you pearls of wisdom which no medical staff ever could.  HIV support from people living with HIV can be acquired by either attending face to face meetings or by going online. 

There are many local and community HIV support groups and meetings all over the UK, where individuals and sometimes their partners and family members can go and attend also to receive the help and support and also offer support to others. The internet provides a quick and easy platform to talk with others and discuss conditions and problems. Also HIV dating sites regularly offer HIV support packages with people ready and waiting to help those who need it. 

These sites offer love, friendship and support, meaning that you not only receive excellent value for your money you also could make some wonderful life long relationships along the way!  There is no need to limit the type of HIV support that you receive. It is important to obtain as much help and support as you need at this time. 

If you do this it will not be long before you are able to offer others HIV support yourself. There are many people with this condition and they can help you if you let them. So do yourself a favour and go out and seek some HIV support and turn your life around. You deserve it!

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