HIV Cure Latest News

HIV Cure Latest News

HIV Cure Latest News

Prospects for the development of a new vaccine against HIV 

It is known that in the development of the human immunodeficiency organism resists, and about 20% of infected individuals through several (2-4) years begin to produce neutralizing antibodies capable of blocking most known HIV strains. But by this time the body is already under the impact of HIV, which is heavily mutated and changed. Defense is again behind the attack. 

And what if we create a vaccine on the basis of an immune protein produced by these people (with good immunity), and inject it to newly infected? 

Using this idea and immune protein, produced by the body of an African man (his powerful body produces neutralizing antibodies capable of blocking 55% of the known strains of HIV), the scientist plan to create a vaccine that can protect the body from infection with immunodeficiency virus. 

Immunity against HIV infection 

When the virus infects the next victim, it is protected by the surrounding protein. And being inside the human body, HIV begins to prepare for a new infection and adapts to the work of immunity. After every appearance of mutated virus from the cells, the body adjusts its defense for a new, modified virus. Thus it turns out that for all time of infection by AIDS a set of strongly differing strains of viruses gives rise in the human body. 

How is it that when infection only one strain of the virus is transmitted, not a few? 

While it is only known about it that it contains more proteins as protective envelope and can proliferate in the presence of drugs against virus - alpha interferon. 

Doctors from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of Pennsylvania hope that the study of this question will help to identify the most infectious viruses among others and to block them. 

HIV cure news. Scientists have created a protein that inhibits replication of immunodeficiency virus 
When it injected into the human body, virus infects CD4 + cells, in which it can actively proliferate. Australian scientists have found a way to stop the progression of the disease at this stage: HIV infects a cell, but it cannot multiply in it. 

For this purpose a protein responsible for the virus ability to reproduce in infected cells was modified. In "in vitro" experiments, it was found that improved immune cells produce the modified protein as a result of which the replication of the virus is reduced by 8-10 times. 

To treat HIV, it is necessary, first of all, the desire to be treated! 

Being determines consciousness. That is, the behavior of people newly infected with HIV, greatly affects outlook of these people (we recommend you read the review of "Crimes of people with symptoms of HIV"). 

By the end of 2012 nearly 700,000 HIV infected people were registered in Russia. 
According to statistics, half of HIV-infected pregnant women learned of their status under the mandatory check in the hospital. Therefore, it can be assumed that approximately 700,000 HIV-infected men and women are unaware of their HIV positive status. 

And only 100,000 of this number of people with HIV symptoms want to be treated. 

The others do not want to do it! 

It seems incredible, but people with HIV need to be convinced of the need of antiretroviral drugs that can reduce the viral load in the body. And, some begin treatment, and then give up, although it is lifelong. When treatment is interrupted, the virus manages to mutate and become immune to the same drugs. With the deterioration of symptoms of HIV patients are treated at the clinic again, and you have to write new drugs for AIDS, more expensive. 

The main infectious disease physician of St. Petersburg Aza Rakhmanova believes that there is a conflict between the need for treatment and human rights. "Allowing them to refuse antiretroviral therapy - to return to it again and give up, we put at risk both people with HIV symptoms and healthy people. Maybe it makes sense to introduce mandatory treatment? "

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