Herbal Remedy For AIDS-Part 1

Herbal Remedy For AIDS-Part 1

Herbal Remedy For AIDS-Part 1

Human beings cannot function well in the absence of a strong immune system. 

A person gets affected by AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, when his/her immune system becomes too weak to fight off infections. A virus called HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, progressively impairs the cells of your immune system and hence your body becomes vulnerable to infections. This condition is called AIDS, a disease which has affected approximately 39.5 million people worldwide. The virus gets transmitted through sexual intercourse or use of needle or syringe used by a HIV infected patient. If a mother of an infant is infected by HIV then there are chances that the baby might get infected with the virus through breast feeding. There might be no symptoms of the disease when you are first infected with the virus. It will be after three to six weeks that you will get a flu-like illness. This sickness might include headache, fever, rash, enlarged lymph nodes, tiredness, nausea and sore throat. As soon as the virus enters your body, your immune system comes under attack. However, within a week or a month, the symptoms might disappear urging you to think that it was just a viral infection.

Making your body weak, HIV might cause various diseases in your body, like skin cancer, cervical cancer, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is the cancer of lymph glands, tuberculosis, cytomegalovirus infection, which damages the eyes, and viral hepatitis, a viral infection of the liver. AIDS also causes ailments like diarrhoea, anaemia, fever, weight loss, cough, severe or recurring vaginal yeast infections, shortness of breath, soaking night sweats, persistent headaches, memory loss, depression, unexplained and prolonged fatigue, blurred and distorted vision, swelling of glands located in the throat, armpit and groin, white spots or unusual blemishes on the tongue or in the throat, severe numbness or pain in the hands or feet, purple spots on the surface of the skin, inside the mouth, anus or nasal passages, forgetfulness, confusion, vision loss, difficult or painful swallowing, abdominal cramps, vomiting, paralysis or loss of muscular strength, coma, neck stiffness, seizures and lack of coordination, pneumonia and other health complications.

Unfortunately, there are no sure fire drugs which can cure this dreaded disease. 

However, there are certain drugs that can impede the HIV, thus slowing down the process of damage to your immune system. Treating opportunistic infections, infections that do not cause the disease but become pathogenic when your body's immune system is impaired and unable to fight off infection, is also helpful in mitigating the ailments caused due to AIDS. Antiretroviral (ARV) medications can be useful in reducing opportunistic infections. If ARV treatment is effective then the deterioration of your immune system and the onset of AIDS can be delayed for years

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