Drug Abuse and HIV AIDS: Are They Co-Related?

Drug Abuse and HIV AIDS: Are They Co-Related?

Drug Abuse and HIV AIDS

There are no prizes in guessing that HIV is serious epidemic disease that is getting threatening with every passing days. The disease is so much complex that the appearance of a person would not be sufficient to find out whether s/he is suffering from HIV AIDS or not. Not only by sharing the same needle can this disease be spread but there is more to it through which it can be transmitted from one person to another.

When people consume alcohol or any kind of drugs, it attacks the medulla oblongata of the brain and distorts the way through which the mind is able to think and how it reacts to a particular situation. When a person gets addicted to it, they don't give a damn about the safety and get themselves embroiled in risky situations which ordinary people would abstain from. It holds true when they are indulging in sexual activities without any kind of precautionary measures.

These drug addicts are unaware that they are getting themselves into a very risky situation of getting prone to HIV virus. Apart from that, from health perspective, the drug abusers are not healthy as their immune system is down most of the times. As a result of this, they are more susceptible to AIDS in comparison to a normal human being. So, when they come across the HIV virus, the chances are that the virus would enter their body 4 out of 5 times.

Drug abuse is one of the very potent reasons for the increasing cases of HIV. 

If these people are controlled, then certainly the number of people getting AIDS would certainly come down. So, what would happen is that when people are no more getting addicted to drugs, they would be in a better frame of mind to analyze the situation and would not resort to unsafe means when they are having sex. In stead of having unprotected sex, the people would make use of condoms to avoid spreading of this virus. This in turn would make the immune system grow and make the person healthier.

Studies show that 2 out of 5 people who are suffering from HIV AIDS are drug addicts. 

If there is any person around you who is a drug maniac, then instead of wasting any time, they should be taken to the drug abuse rehabilitation . There are centers all over the world and by searching on the internet; you can find the nearest center in your city or locality. 

The people at these agencies are highly qualified and deliver the best services to get the people free from drug addiction and to lead a healthy life. They are taught the dangers associated with the drug addiction and the dangers associated with it. If an addict adheres to the guideline and methods asked them to follow, it is certain that they would get rid of their craving for drugs and can then lead the life of a normal human being. So, ultimately the number of cases of HIV AIDS would certainly come down.

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