Your Qustions Answered About Skincare Philosophy

Your Qustions Answered About Skincare Philosophy

Skincare philosophy sounds rather intellectual but there are some very real practical issues involved. These are mainly concerned with our health and wellness.

Our views on our health should correspond with that of the company making the products we buy. One of the questions often asked is:- what does this mean in practical terms?

Your Qustions Answered About Skincare Philosophy

The FDA does not control, in any way, the cosmetic companies who are flooding the market with products of doubtful origin. The cosmetics industry seems to be the Far West and is certainly the last to be regulated. Their skincare philosophy seems rather grasping and greedy with scant regard for the health of their customers. This is unlike the EU where directives have been passed and where the public perhaps is more aware of the dangers.

Let me give you some examples of ingredients which are still being used which may compromise our health. There are for example 20,000 products which include methylparaben in their face creams and lotions. Another question often asked is about how dangerous this component is. The short answer to this question is that it has been linked to lots of diseases such as cancer, cell mutation and endocrine disorders.

Not convinced Here are a few more examples. A substance called argireline actually interferes with neurotransmitters which control our facial firmness so the result may be facial sag! The very opposite to what we want. One wonders what skincare philosophy this company has.

All ingredients with DEA before or after them have been linked to cancer. Many people ask about face lifts in a bottle. The brutal answer is that if it contains dmae -dimethylaminoethanol, this paralyzes very small muscles in the face so that the wrinkles actually almost disappear. No long term results of this substance have been documented so it is better to avoid it.

Another question often asked is whether there are companies committed to using quality natural ingredients which they have extensively tested and which are safe. The answer is a resounding yes but I would say they are in a minority. They also refuse to use harmful ingredients such as the ones I have mentioned above. Why not click through and have some more of your questions answered about their skincare philosophy.

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