Will Ab Exercises Help Me With My Belly Fat?

Will Ab Exercises Help Me With My Belly Fat?

Everyday, people ask us, "What are the best abdominal exercises to lose belly fat?"

The answer: None! Doing abdominal workouts does not activate the body's metabolism enough to initiate fat-burning in the body.

Will Ab Exercises Help Me With My Belly Fat?

People are always most interested in what types of workouts they can do to uncover their abdominals and get that perfect "6-pack" or that tight, flat tummy. A big problem is that most people are searching for that "one miraculous exercise" that will give them results in no time.

The truth is that abdominal workouts are not the best stomach flattening exercises. Abdominal workouts are not going to burn belly fat or uncover that flat stomach.

People who desire to lose belly fat and get 6-pack abs won't see any results if they waste all of their time on abdominal workouts alone. What you really need to do is use the proper workout routines that will burn your body fat for good.

The best workouts for losing stubborn stomach fat are full body exercises.

Some of these exercises would be squats, leg-thrusts, deadlifts, clean & presses, mountain climbers, sprints, etc. These types of workouts focus on your whole body, and stimulate fat-burning hormones and responses within your metabolism. Of the highest importance is that you bring together your full body workouts into an overall plan to maximize your body's metabolic response.

Now, you certainly want to include a few exercises that focus on the ab region of your body. However, this should be just a small portion of your overall full body strategy.

If you want to lose belly fat or get a flat stomach, you will have the quickest results by focusing on the workouts that initiate the maximum hormonal and metabolic reactions in your body. When you do full body workouts, you end up exercising your midsection regularly throughout your entire workout. So by focusing on full body routines that activate the fat-burning response, overall you burn fat. Since every exercise exercises your tummy, you will lose that stubborn belly fat that's hiding your abs, and obtain your flat stomach in less time.

More important, even, than the exercise part, is the diet part, if your goal is to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach. You have to eat properly for fat burning if you want to reveal those abs. If you have a poor diet, and consume the wrong foods, then it won't matter how hard you exercise - you will not burn fat.

In summary - crunches, sit-ups, and all those bogus TV infomercial "ab contraptions" are all a complete waste of time. You can lie on your back and do sit-ups until you can't feel your stomach anymore, it won't help you to lose belly fat or reveal those abs. And you can use that "ab lounger" every single day - the only thing that will get burned is your wallet. Rather, you ought to concentrate on multi-joint, total-body workouts that will maximize your body's metabolic fat-burning response.

Combined with a healthful diet of natural, unprocessed whole foods, you will reveal those abs and get that flat, toned stomach very quickly.

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