Some Health Parables That Need to Give up The Ghost

Some Health Parables That Need to Give up The Ghost

Few of the myths about health and beauty are being believed blindly with no explanation backed to it. It's time to say bye to all these traditions and get your beliefs and practice, a reality check. 

Below mentioned are some pure allegory which can open your eyes and you can live a life of reality and truthfulness.

Some Health Parables That Need to Give up The Ghost

Saturated fat is harmful for your body 

Our body performs various vital functions and when all the functions are working well, that's when we obtain vigorous physical state of being. And hence everything or every nutrient consumed by you is needed to fulfill various functions. So, saturated fats and cholesterol have their own part to be played in maintaining a balanced physical existence. They maintain hormonal balance and act as stabilizing units that protect the body against inflammatory damage. 

Excess of anything is bad and so hence, too much if these can turn your health report card from pink to blue. 

Feeling good equals to good health 

It's a wrongly believed notion that if you are feeling happy and good, it implies that your health also is in a sound state. This is not the case all the time, which is proved by the most of the heart patients realizing their problems only after landing up in the hospitals. Many of the cancer patients learn about their suffering only at the last stage. All of this can be avoided by regular check-up schedules. So, never stay mistaken about being in a healthy state of being until and unless said by renowned doctors. 

Fat leads to being fat 

We all know that it is one of the most importantly believed and said fact if you want to tuck in that fat belly, then reducing the intake of fats becomes a necessity. As said before, every component of every food is important to fulfill a given function. Nevertheless, studies reveal that diets rich in omega 3 fatty acids have a better hand in controlling the level of obesity and maintaining overall vigorous health compared to those containing smaller amount of it. 

More exercise = lose weight faster 

It really does not help you doing more and more exercise in the run of losing more weight in a short duration. Doing no good to you, it may let u get tired quicker leading to more food intake. It might also cause you unwanted joint pains due to excessive pressure on it. Make sure you indulge in sensible exercise schedule and pace it smoothly. 

Gray hair is a sign of excessive stress 

This is not a true story and has been proved by studies. Graying of hair is a result of genetic composition. It may or may not be a consequence of stress. So, you may stop worrying and live a tension-free, colorful life leaving the grays behind. 

Get out of these myths as they may just tend to increase your stress burden doing no good to your health and mind. Widen your thoughts and have a great day ahead

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