Skin Too Oily : Combat The Shine Through All-natural Methods

Skin Too Oily : Combat The Shine Through All-natural Methods

Majority of individuals all around the globe suffer from having the oily skin type. The condition makes them highly prone to pimples, huge clogged pores and a shiny complexion. It is important to know the right techniques in order to have young skin all day long without risking extreme drying with the use of various products. Here are some ways on how to battle the shine.
Skin Too Oily

The Reason Behind Oiliness

Follicles regularly produce sebum that moves up toward the surface of the skin in order to maintain moisture. Dead skin cells and tissues are also normally pushed up for the skin to grow back new ones and repair damaged spots and areas. Due to a number of reasons like hormonal changes or external environment, sebum production may become too excessive allowing germs and irritants to proliferate under the skin thus starting the process of forming pimples. Once excess sebum reaches the surface or the pores become inflamed, pimples and blackheads then result. 

The idea then is to control or alleviate excess sebum production and accumulation to prevent blockage. The upper layers of the skin need to be treated and the pores cleared to keep the cleansing and skin healing process in good working order. Individuals also need to be cautious about the kind of techniques they employ as well as the products they use to avoid drying up or dehydrating their skin which in effect restricts oil from flowing through the pores.

Anti-Oil Products

Oil-based products are recommended when cleansing oily skin since these can dissolve sebum very well. Oil-free moisturizers will keep your face from getting that greasy look while keeping skin firm and well-hydrated. Choose mild cleansing creams, lotions and soaps with no artificial additives. Watch out for fragrances since some individuals tend to be allergic to various types. Antibacterial formulas are also good. Avoid products that contain alcohol and use mineral-rich water over plain tap water when washing or cleansing. 

Mild synthetic detergents without waxes or other lipid agents is recommended since these will not aggravate the oiliness or stimulate the production of more sebum. There are also products with low concentrations of hydroxyl acids that effectively take away dead skin cells on the outermost layer without drying the skin too much. Use these products together with a mild toner that matches your skin tone. Cleansing cloths are also available to be used when exfoliating, toning, cleansing or removing makeup.

The Right Techniques

Experts suggest using lukewarm or hot water when washing or cleansing your face since this can control and limit production of excess sebum compared to tepid or cold water. Remember to wash your face only 2 to 3 times a day since frequent washing can actually stimulate the production of more sebum to counteract the drying effect. Exfoliating every other night followed by a light coat of moisturizer is very helpful for those with oily and scaly skin. 

Clay or mud masks will help unclog pores and reduce the occurrence of unwanted zits. Anti-septic night cream after your final face wash before going to bed at night will control oils during sleep. Apply clarifying masks 1 to 2 times every week. There are also antiseptic day creams available which you should put on before applying makeup. Try to search for those containing benzyl peroxide. There are cosmetic products as well that specifically cater to your type of skin.

More Natural Treatments

First, make sure you drink enough water to improve circulation to your facial tissues and keep your skin hydrated. Individuals are advised to increase their intake of foods rich in vitamin B2 to reduce oiliness. Organ meats, whole grains, black beans and nuts are good sources of the vitamin as well as iron which improve the overall condition of your skin. Also limit intake of sugars, salts and fats.

Try putting 1 teaspoon of mixed lime and cucumber juice on your face 30 minutes before taking a shower. Eau de cologne is an effective astringent that keeps acne away. Cucumber juice can be applied before putting on makeup. Target problem areas like the T zone, forehead, chin and nose. If you already have makeup on, try dabbing 1/2 teaspoon of lime juice and witch hazel using a cotton ball.

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