Natural Skin Care: Secrets To A Younger-looking And Fresher-feeling Skin

Natural Skin Care: Secrets To A Younger-looking And Fresher-feeling Skin

The skin forms a protective covering, a close-fitting garment, for the whole body. It is of unequal thickness, it is thick and tough over those parts that are exposed to pressure and friction, but it is especially elastic in other parts that vary in size. But in every place it is adapted to the purpose of protection.

It is both a secreting and an excreting organ, and our health, our very lives, depends upon its proper action. If its millions of glands and pores become obstructed it is impossible for one to be healthy. On the other hand, when these openings the safety valves of the body are free and clear the impurities of the body are readily thrown off. The circulation is then improved, digestion is easier, intestinal and urinary secretions become more regular.

Natural Skin Care

Equilibrium is established in the eliminating process between the skin and the internal organs, and an improvement in the nervous condition result as well. My own experience has been that daily friction of the skin will materially relieve insomnia. These friction exercises should be followed by a tepid bath. The moral of it all is: Keep the skin clean by friction and bathing.

The skin is composed of three layers. Overlying the true skin is the cuticle, or scarfskin, and although we commonly call this the skin, it is really only a protecting layer over the true skin. It has no blood vessels, so it never bleeds and, since it contains no nerves, it feels no pain. The microscope shows that it is composed entirely of minute flat scales, which overlap each other very much like the shingles of a roof. These scales are formed by the true skin beneath, and are constantly thrown off from the body. Ordinarily this is imperceptible; but sometimes the scales accumulate into masses, called scurf. Or, if the accumulation is upon the scalp, it is known as dandruff.

The complexion largely depends on the condition of the scarf skin. If it is rough, a good complexion is impossible. Temporary improvement can be obtained by use of the remedies dear to the feminine mind skin foods, face creams and face powders. But all of these applications have the same result: they simply fill up the minute lines, and temporarily smooth the rough surface. However, when this coating is washed off, the skin will resume its former condition.

Advertisements of so-called skin foods lotions, creams, etc. positively assert that these preparations feed and nourish the skin, and build up the underlying muscles, and that the benefit derived from their use is therefore permanent. If the ingredients of all these preparations could be forced into the true skin and the muscles, and could there be converted into living cellular tissue, of which all parts of the body (the skin included) are composed, this claim might have some foundation of truth.

But as these cells can only come into life by the process of digestion and assimilation, the fallacy of the above claim is apparent. You certainly cannot form or build up living tissue from dead matter. The term skin food is a very attractive title for these greasy, waxy preparations, but neither the skin nor the muscles can feed on that kind of food. By friction some very slight superficial absorption of the lotion or cream is possible; but even this does not become living tissue.

Their immediate effect is to coat the surface of the skin, which, after their use, assumes a smoother appearance. But this is temporary, and there can be no growth or improvement of the underlying muscles by such applications. The objection to these ointments is that they clog up and obstruct the myriads of underlying pores and glands. If you would have a healthy skin, these outlets for the impurities of the system must be kept clean and clear. Otherwise the skin cannot be healthy.

Natural Skin Care: The Exercise Way to Cure Wrinkled Skin

The secret of a fresh, healthy skin is friction and cleanliness. It is advisable that these friction exercises be practiced daily and followed by a tepid bath.

For the face and neck, friction with the palms of the hands is an effective method of removing wrinkles. They can be rubbed out, and the skin can be polished just like any other piece of leather. Use tepid water and soap for the ablutions of the face and neck.

In a very short time after beginning these friction exercises for the body, you will find that the nervous system is calmer and that both the digestion and the circulation are improved. And what will prove of special interest to ladies is that the friction exercises for the face and neck will surely result in a marked improvement.

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