Natural Adaptogen Offers Rejuvenation For Mind And Body

Natural Adaptogen Offers Rejuvenation For Mind And Body

Natural Adaptogen

Many advances have been made to improve the quality of our lives. These advances, such as pesticides, climate control,preservatives, have by-products that have negative effects on our fitness, stress levels, and peace-of-mind. Normally, we address these effects with synthesized remedies, as in skin care products. These remedies are often unnecessary because our bodies' have the ability for healing and regeneration. Natural adaptogenic elements, which can support these inherent processes, are an alternative to commercial skin care products.

Adaptogens occur naturally and produce suitable adjustments in our body at a cellular level. They also increase the body's energy level. Adaptogens normalize body functions and are absorbed harmlessly into the body, unlike allopathic  work to protect the body from stress by triggering its own self-regeneration process. Adaptogens are natural and bolster our innate resistance to disease. They help to prevent stress from damaging our nervous, hormonal and immune systems. These agents support the body's immune system and regulate body processes to help us achieve true and lasting health.

Pesticides, preservatives, petroleum, polyester and plastics etc. contribute to our unnatural environment. However essential these things may seem in the short-term, they produce undesirable, long-term side effects, like dry skin. The Earth is subject to smog, the thinning ozone layer, and the greenhouse effect. We suffer heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that find their way into our bloodstreams, that may cause itchy skin.

Our modern lifestyles debilitate our bodies' natural ability to adapt by consistently forcing the environment to meet our desires instead of vice versa. Our best choice for survival is to increase our adaptability to our environment. Instead of leaning on pharmaceuticals and isolates to improve our well being or to fight rosacea or acne bacteria with chemicals, it may be best to empower our own immune systems. It is better to live harmoniously with nature, rather than bend it to our will. This is where adaptogens can be of great importance. These biological remedies can help the body conform better to its environment.

Research on adaptogens shows that they can improve the adaptive response in people suffering from dermatitis due to stress;they can minimize the systemic effects of chronic stressors. In the treatment of skin afflictions, adaptogenic elements work to augment the body's nonspecific responses to stress and reduce adverse environmental effects.

As a society, we have become accustomed to running to the pharmacy in search for cures, perhaps it is time to look to nature in order to restore our natural condition. We are encompassed by unnatural, man-made products which can give off harmful chemicals; therefore it is essential to protect ourselves, mind and body, from these elements while still enjoying the fruits of modern living. Adaptogens truly seem to offer us an opportunity to improve our health and vitality, naturally and chemical-free.

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