Is Your Skin Dehydrated?

Is Your Skin Dehydrated?

It is the desire for all people to have skin that is healthy and young. But there are some people who are just not able to meet their personal goals of having great looking skin and instead when they look in the mirror they see a face that is dull in appearance, dry, rough and also very flaky. 

The problem that they have is their skin is very dehydrated and with this can come a great deal of itching and the winter seasons can make this an even greater problem. There are just so many products that are available to help treat dry skin that it can be a little tricky in deciding to what to actually use. If you pick the wrong product you can end up with skin that is even drier and this can make a person very frustrated. 

Skin Dehydrated

One of the best alternatives to some of the creams and lotions that are actually available is the range of oil body sprays that have started to become very popular. They are very easy to use and there is no fuss and best of all because they are an oil, this means that what you are putting on your skin has been derived from a natural source and there are no artificial additives.

So just how do these body oils actually work then? Well it is very simple and all that you have to do is to hold the container a few inches away from yourself and then to spay onto your whole body and focusing on very troublesome areas. This should be used immediately after you have had a bath or shower in order to help seal in moisture content and to prevent any rapid loss of moisture escaping from the sin. Always make sure that you are skin is a little damp before you spay the oil onto your skin in order to get the best results. 

There is no need to put too much oil onto your skin, just a thin will layer will be sufficient as it will absorb very quickly into the skin and your skin is not going to feel greasy afterwards. If you are feeling a little stressed you can use one of these oils as massage oil and the infusions are bound to make you feel very relaxed. 

You may not think of doing this but you can actually use the oil on your face. A lot of people do not understand the benefits of applying oil to the skin and they feel that it will make the skin feel greasy. There is a difference between natural oils that is easily absorbed into the skin helping to care for it and something such as mineral oil. Mineral oil is just a by-product of gasoline and this is actually quite thick and does not absorb that quickly or easily into the skin at all. 

Using natural oils on the face is a good idea especially for skin that is dry in order to keep it moist, supple and hydrated.

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