How To Turn Your Anti Wrinkle Face Moisturizer Into A Fountain Of Youth!

How To Turn Your Anti Wrinkle Face Moisturizer Into A Fountain Of Youth!

You must have gone through a lot of anti-aging moisturizer reviews, and they might have given you a lot of good information. But I am going to tell you how to turn your anti wrinkle face moisturizer into a fountain of youth!

It must sound unbelievable to you at first, but it is possible. And it is absolutely based on firm scientific grounds.

Skin Aging and its cause

Let us see first why our skin ages and why the need for an anti wrinkle face moisturizer arises? There are two proteins in our body which are responsible for skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity - Collagen and Elastin. 

Now as we age, these proteins are produced in lesser quantity by our body. So we start having wrinkles, sagging skin, aging spots, uneven complexion. So we start looking at anti-aging moisturizer reviews for a solution to our aging skin problems.

The Mirage and Deception of Collagen face Creams

As a logical step, if collagen is depleting in the body, we think that applying an anti wrinkle face moisturizer with collagen as an active ingredient in it would replenish the collagen levels in our body. So, we start applying those much hyped about collagen creams and collagen anti wrinkle face moisturizers.

But what you would be shocked to know is that scientific research has shown and confirmed through clinical trials that the collagen contained in anti wrinkle face moisturizers cannot be absorbed by the body through topical application.

This is because the collagen molecule is too big. The uppermost layer of the skin called the Epidermis rejects the collagen molecule from entering the skin.

That is the reason why those collagen containing anti wrinkle face moisturizers fail to deliver on their promises of giving a beautiful and wrinkle free skin.

An Effective Anti Wrinkle Face Moisturizer

A truly effective anti wrinkle face moisturizer should not contain collagen in it, but it should contain such natural substances that help in building collagen.

Thanks to modern medical science, such natural substances have been discovered that have the capability of stimulating our body's own collagen production.

Is that not wonderful news? But you will not find the names of these scientifically proven natural substances in anti-aging moisturizer reviews in the west yet, as they have their origin and sources in New Zealand and Japan.

Two such ingredients are Cynergy TK which comes from New Zealand, and Phytessence wakame, which comes from Japan.

These ingredients have shown dramatic and sustained improvements in skin moisture and elasticity in clinical trials. They also led to new skin cell growth. They are being effectively used in anti wrinkle face moisturizers which have a marvellous working as they boost the collagen and elastin production in the skin naturally.

The results shown by them have been very long lasting and enduring as they tone up the skin naturally from within and give firm, supple and pliant skin. 

I have dedicated an entire website which covers in details how these amazing natural substances when put into an anti wrinkle face moisturizer turn on the fountain of youth within.

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