Extra Large, Good Or Bad?

Extra Large, Good Or Bad?

Why is it that we continually take into consideration what other people think about us? If they approve, then all is good. If not, we turn into basket cases or die trying to get that much coveted stamp of approval or acceptance. It is like high school all over again.

It goes both ways as well. We tend to judge people the way others see us. If you are size 10, you are not beautiful. The word is only fitting for size 2 and 4 women. On the other side, men are subjected to sneers if they got big stomachs. washboard abs is what makes a man. Yes, it is shallow and it only shows how people, in general, see beauty as skin deep.

Extra Large, Good Or Bad?

We know that is not realistic to expect everybody to have bodies good enough for the runaway or for covers of sports and fitness magazines. In fact, only 3% of the whole population has the privilege to have the perfect? body. But this does not stop us into going into diets, even going under the knife, or take refuge in steroids to gain the body? and ultimately the society?s acceptance.

Although, it is good to watch your food intake and your weight since excessive intake could lead to obesity that can later on result into grave illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, you can?t simply go on life writing down the calories of every morsel that goes to your mouth. What so bad in indulging in the good old burger and fries or binge in pizzas once in a while?

So what if the world is not favorable with plus size people and constantly promotes thin is in? Does being skinny make a person better than those who wear extra large clothes? In our minds, we know that a person?s worth is not base on his or her waistline. We just have to step up and take a stand in this issue.

Change starts with oneself. If you look in the mirror, what do you see? There are times when I see flabby arms and thighs. Sometimes, I don?t even want to see my reflection because all I see is somebody who does not have the right to wear skinny jeans or tank tops. I deprive myself of my father?s delicious cooking, thinking that not eating will somehow make me closer to the body of Jessica Alba. It is as if my whole confidence depends on how I look. It is true that if you have the body and the face, it is easy to be confident. However, if you are the only one in the family who has a big stomach and wears shapeless pants while the others are donning shorts, it is hard to smile and feel pretty.

When I start reading about Hollywood stars who are proud of their curves like Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Biel, I said to myself, curves are not a bad thing after all. I see other famous people like Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrera who walk in the red carpet as if they are as sexy as the other actresses. If they can face the world, why can't I?

Why can't you? There is more to us than our physical appearance. You may be talented in violin or piano or some other musical instrument. You can have a knack in organizing events or you can be as bright as a new penny. Let's show the world that being on the plus size is not a thing to be ashamed of.

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