Resolutions to Help You Avoid Cancer

Happy New Year : Resolutions to Help You Avoid Cancer

Resolutions to Help You Avoid Cancer

There are a lot of factors or causes for acquired cancer including stress, addictions, food, and environment among others. And yes, you can easily make a difference not just by simply setting up a vow, but making these positive ideas come to life. 

These are some New Year's resolutions that can help us steer clear of cancer and its bodily, mental and emotional unwanted effects. 

Eat Healthy Foods. 

We are what we eat, if you want to be healthy, why don't you eat healthy and nourishing foods? We should avoid unnatural, canned, cancer causing foods and others. This resolution is also in the top ten especially for obese and overweight individuals. 

Have a health checkup. 

Most people try to avoid foods which can bring about cancer, as well as activities, stressful jobs and other cancer triggering factors however they occasionally forget or are afraid to obtain standard checkups. Having a standard checkup is not merely exclusively for cancer, over the years we develop some irregularities in our body and as the expression goes, prevention is superior to cure. 

Avoid Vices. 

Beer belly, foul breath, teeth yellowing, nausea or vomiting, intoxication, mood swings along with other bad adverse reactions of alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoking and drugs are not only the ones that we're attempting to avoid, these vices are also main reasons of individuals acquiring all sorts of diseases including cancer. Every essential organ of our body can be damaged specially by this dreaded disease. This needs to be on top of everyone's New Year's resolution. It's difficult because of the withdrawal syndrome, but if we can really steer clear of these, it will be the very best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. 


Exercise and related activities won't only prevent you from developing cancer cells, it may also keep you from other health hazards and develop more health benefits. Additionally, it makes you feel and look better. It will also allow you to comprehend the visible difference between exercising and not. 

Keep from staying up late into the evening. 

Staying up late at night doesn't only present you with lines and wrinkles and undesirable eye bags; it is also a risk for cancer. 

Spend time with families and friends. 

This is in fact the top list of Americans' vow for New Year. This gives you advantages including avoiding cancer. Instead of spending some time outside, you can stay indoors with your loved ones. Additionally, it gives you psychological advantages which impacts your health at the same time. 

Avoid Stress. 

Stress has a tendency to intensify any kind of disease. You can try yoga, deep breathing, or a long walk or anything that helps you unwind. According to most cancer alternative treatment centers, stress is among the top factors of getting the condition. 

If we can hear Michael Jackson's song "Man in the Mirror" it actually implies that if we want some changes to occur, we have to begin within ourselves. It will benefit not only us, but our family and friends as well as society. To be a great example not merely to be followed but to avert being a victim of the world's number one dreaded condition, Cancer.

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