Obagi Blue Peel ( Tm) Is It One Of A Kind Amongst Chemical Peels?

Obagi Blue Peel ( Tm) Is It One Of A Kind Amongst Chemical Peels?

Obagi Blue Peel

The objective in the Obagi Blue Peel would be to lighten and even skin tone and pigmentation, get rid of age/sun/liver spots and scars, blemishes, and decrease fine lines and wrinkles and boost the texture to the skin. This tend to be carried out in 1 of two ways, possibly with a light peel or even a medium peel that goes a little deeper for a bit more serious injury. The approach itself in fact removes the outer layer of dead skin and replaced with new skin.

The Obagi Blue Peel is an additional kind on the chemical peel utilizing TCA (trichloracetic acid), an acid that's used for light to medium peels and are generally used in the doctor's workplace. The use of TCA, which is often a slow acting chemical, a good deal more simply permits the health practitioner to manage the approach and the depth of this peel. The blue coloring agent will most likely make you really feel a good deal more comfy as it can be increased for the chemical so the health care expert can better see exactly where the chemical has been applied and it also helps them judge how deep they are. In addition , it aids insure significantly more even distribution on the chemical on the body. It's typically the uneven distribution to the chemical remedy that causes the peel to go too deep in some locations that final results in scars and undesirable final results. This takes lots of the guess- labor out of your operation and gives you a a lot higher possibility on the ideal final result which you predict as a end result.

The Obagi Blue Peel is often preformed in a doctor's office with out using anesthesia for most patients. Nonetheless, there's usually a short-term burning sensation on the skin when the peel is used. Some individuals choose to consider some oral or topical anesthetic to aid come to terms with this discomfort. Keep in mind the deeper the peel the higher the discomfort. Also it is dependent on the patient's pain tolerance, as some patients are a good deal more tolerant to agony than other people. The method could be completed in just several minutes and following the process an ice pack or even a hand held fan is utilised to cool down the treated region.

The recovery time for a Obagi Blue Peel is from 5-10 days, depending upon if you had a light or medium peel.
The price is anywhere between $1,500 and $3,500. It all relies upon the depth of therapy you have.

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