Looking Towards Breast Cancer New Treatment

Looking Towards Breast Cancer New Treatment

Breast Cancer New Treatment

Mostly breast cancers are diagnosed by mammography. 

The surgeon depend upon the radiologists to localize the small cancers that are present in the breast with the help a hook wire or a particular injected dye. However, due to drastic change in technology, we have entered into a phase of diagnosing and treating breast cancer. To implement new breast cancer treatment method, the concerned breast cancer patient should first find a cancer specialist, with whom she can comfortably communicate with and who will address her concerns on a one to one basis. However, at times due to certain medical systems involved, the cancer patient may find it difficult to connect with one physician who is suppose to act as her coordinating team. In such a situation the patient should get more information about the treatment through her own efforts and at the same time manage to get high quality health care.

In recent times, we have many breast cancer new treatments been used on breast cancer patients. 
We all are aware of the fact that when a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, it has a psychological effect on the mind of the cancer patient which is devastating. These days there are various cancer support groups which conduct cancer recovery programs. Even a simple talk that may be conducted in these programs can bring a sense of reassurance and make a feel relaxed. Breast cancer patients who participate in group support sessions that include meditation and visualization techniques have significantly longer survival rates than others who have not been using this new type of breast cancer treatment. The above mentioned breast cancer new treatment helps in mobilizing the immune system in order to fight the further spread of cancer. Relaxation techniques can help to remove the stress and anxiety caused by cancer. This will in return boost the immune system of the body.

The current technology has brought breast cancer new treatment which involves mini-camera. With the help of using latest techniques of medical imagery, cancer can now be tracked and diagnosed in a precise way. Breast cancer new treatment also involves latest surgical devices, in the form of probes which assist the surgeon in the technique of radio guidance towards radio ? marked tumors. This technique of radio guidance allows precise localization. This new generation of gamma-camera used towards the treatment of cancer called POCI. This imager is easily positioned near the operational wound in order to find the location of tumor lesions, radio-marked during the surgical operation. This new system of imagery which is miniaturized is beneficial towards surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Breast cancer new treatment has also developed in the form of anticancer drugs. 
These drugs act as dummy? building blocks which are incorporated into the DNA cells. As soon as the cells get ready for division, a defect occurs in the process and causes them to die. For Example: A drug called capecitabine is developed. This drug is consumed orally and it takes help of an intracellular enzyme in order to convert it in its active form. Since breast cancer cells contain an abundant amount of intracellular enzyme than normal cells. Thus, the drug, capecitabine destroys cancer cells over normal cells. I now would like to end this article by saying that presently we have many breast cancer new treatments that are easily available. But one should understand that cancer requires the right medical and surgical treatment according to patient?s condition. The patient must first prepare themselves both mentally and physically to undergo the concerned treatment with a positive attitude in life. This includes fighting spirit towards breast cancer. This positive attitude will help the cancer patient to respond well towards breast cancer new treatment.

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