Face Wrinkles ? What You Really Need To Know

Face Wrinkles ? What You Really Need To Know

Certain parts of the face easily form wrinkles. These parts are especially sensitive. Wrinkles are often visible on the skin around the eyes and the nose. The fast formation of face wrinkles can be prevented.

Generally caused by aging, stress and dry skin, wrinkles are permanent folds or creases on the skin. A variety of reasons cause the formation of face wrinkles. In most people, aging is the primary cause. The ability of the skin to regenerate itself deteriorates with aging. When stretched, the skin can no longer spring back into shape. Sags and folds form with stretching. Smiling or squinting can stretch the skin. The sags and folds ultimately cause wrinkles.

Face Wrinkles

Another key culprit in causing wrinkles is smoking. 

Skin cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients by tar and nicotine. The skin withers and dries up.

It is important for younger people to take proper care of the skin on their face. 

Proper skin care prevents the formation of face wrinkles. The skin has already wrinkled in some areas of the face of older people.

Several treatments are available for treating face wrinkles. 

These treatments remove or reduce them. They vary in methods and effectiveness. Extra care must be taken in choosing the correct treatment. Some of them are more invasive and harsher than others.

A Botox injection is one of the most popular treatments for wrinkles. 

Botox causes paralysis of the muscles that typically cause wrinkle formation on the face. It is a form of toxin injected into facial muscles in minute quantities. Hypodermic needles are used for Botox injections. It gives a short-term temporary solution, although it is extremely efficient at treating wrinkles. Wrinkles return, so, the treatment needs to be repeated every 3 to 4 months. The treatment should only be used as a last resort despite its popularity. Other less harsh options should be exhausted first before a Botox injection is considered.

Many creams are can be applied to wrinkled areas of the face regularly. 

The wrinkles will be less visible or form less easily after moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin with the creams. Younger people who have yet to develop such wrinkles should use natural anti-wrinkle creams. Some of the synthetic or artificial creams may be considered by older people. These creams work better at reducing evidence of wrinkles on the face especially around the eyes and nose.

Wearing sun block and washing the face less often are easy precautions against face wrinkles.

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