Tried And Tested Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

Tried And Tested Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

I laughed at my friend's answer when I told her to drink more water. She looked at her glass of white wine fondly and told me that as it contained 11% alcohol, there was 89% water and that was more than enough for her skin! Totally wrong of course but I preferred not to get into any arguments about the best ways to prevent wrinkles.

As she is a heavy smoker, I decided that she was a lost cause. For those of us who are interested in skincare from the inside out, here are some tried and tested ways to prevent wrinkles.

Water, water everywhere...

We are surrounded by water but we do not drink enough of it. When we think we are hungry, we are actually only thirsty so a glass of water would be much more beneficial on some occasions. Zero calories!

Did you know that when we are dehydrated, our bodies will use water to keep the vital organs working and that the skin supply will be therefore depleted? As 70% of our bodies is made up of water, it seems sadistic not to drink enough especially as it is almost free!

Protecting the skin from getting too dried out means just drinking enough water, not overcleansing as this can deplete the moisture there. Reducing alcoholic consumption, giving up smoking or not staying in the sun too long are other ways to prevent wrinkles.

Mind the gravity

We cannot change gravity but we can take a few precautions to lessen its negative effects on our skin. Gravity will pull our bones down and also our skin. But sleeping on our back will actually help to reduce the negative effects of gravity we have accumulated during the day when we have been upright most of the time.

For those people who find it impossible to sleep on their backs, various companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are producing wrinkle free pillows which are impregnated with copper, aloe vera and Japanese seaweed! There is no scientific backing to support the claims that these pillows may actually be one of the ways to prevent wrinkles!

Moderation is the key

As with most things in life, moderation is the key. I do not favour staying in the sun too long or remaining indoors just because the weather is awful. We can avoid harsh extremes of heat, cold and pollutants without having to lock ourselves away from the world. But we can take simple precautions such as putting a humidifier on the radiator at home or in the office. This is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles as it will help to keep the moisture in our skin.

If you are interested in a skincare product which uses state of the art ingredients as one of the ways to prevent wrinkles, why not visit my site to learn more.

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