Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer does not show any signs in its early stages. It generally attacks men who are into their 50s and older. Read on to know the warning signs of this disease, the second most common type of cancer affecting men worldwide. 
Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer, a disease encountered only by men, is caused when cells in the prostate gland grow and multiply at an unusually fast rate. The main risk factor for prostate cancer is age. The signs and symptoms of this disease are barely discernible in the early stages, and are very similar to that of a urinary tract infection. Signs start becoming noticeable only when the cancer causes the gland to grow big enough to put pressure on the urethra, or it spreads beyond the prostate. Most of the symptoms described below are caused due to the obstruction that's caused within the prostate because of the cancerous cells reproducing abnormally. It's better to be informed about the early warning signs of this disease, so treatment can be started on time. 

  •  Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer 
  •  Signs of advanced prostate cancer 
  •  The signs mentioned above indicate that the cancer may have spread further. 
If you've been experiencing any of the symptoms as described above, it's a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor. Some of these symptoms could also be related to an enlarged prostate or a urinary tract infection. Hence it's important to get screened to ascertain their cause and start treatment immediately. 

Age, diet, and heredity can all be risk factors for prostate cancer. It's important to keep up a healthy and active lifestyle to cut down the chances of developing diseases at an advanced age. Dietary supplements are used by hundreds and thousands of men to help maintain prostate health and healthy urinary flow and functioning.

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Be aware of prostate cancer signs, and don't delay visiting your doctor if you experience any symptoms as above.

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