Know the HIV Symptoms

Know the HIV Symptoms

HIV infection or AIDS as people all over the world knows, is one of the most dreaded diseases of our times. For sure, HIV cannot cause death instantly rather gradually as the immune system fails to respond properly so the body becomes more susceptible to diseases that the body can usually fight off.
HIV Symptoms

Symptoms are a way for us to detect the progress of the disease. 

Do you know what the real symptoms of HIV are? Can you tell if the symptoms are just a common illness or already a part of the HIV symptoms? We cannot simply guess them. One should know the exact forms or symptoms. Even if you have not had an HIV test you can start to identify if the one you have is indicative of the disease. The following presents the symptoms of HIV.

Acute HIV or the Early Stage of HIV infection symptoms - Our immune system that serves as the body's first line of natural defense is the main target of this virus. As it starts to weaken you will start to see most common signs of weakness from infection. When we have infection it is normal to have fevers and even night sweats. When they are happening very often then it is an immediate sign. Aside from that, swollen lymph nodes or lymphadenopathy would appear more frequently.

Symptoms from Gastrointestinal Tract -Studies have shown that HIV has profound effect on the GI system of the body. Eventually one can experience more diarrheas. Later it could develop to rapid weight loss, poor appetite and even profound fatigue.

Symptoms from the Respiratory Tract -Now this one can be considered a serious form of symptoms already. Bacterial pneumonia could have developed due to weak immune system. After that a person could experience frequent dry cough and shortness of breath.

Symptoms from the skin and mucous membranes - Here you will observe that the person develops skin problems easily within the skin and the mucous membranes. This would result to skin rashes and skin lesions. A Kaposi's sarcoma could even be observed because of the lesions in the skin that comes in colors of pink, purple, red and brown. Dental problems like canker sores or apthous ulcers, thrush and white patches in gums and tongue could also appear most of the time.

Emotional and Neurological Symptoms - One can also notice dramatic changes in the neurological make up of an HIV positive person. There could be an increased depression, confusion and even changes in levels of consciousness. Physically or neurologically one can experience burning sensation of the feet and hands, (a form of peripheral neuropathy) or numbness and tingling at the same time.

Now you have seen all the possible symptoms of HIV and the corresponding body systems that will be affected. The symptoms can vary or depend on different individual. Some would have obvious symptoms; some would be very minimal or limited.

The symptoms could be quite simple symptoms but if they occur frequently chances are the person has acquired an HIV virus. The most obvious observation is the general weakness of the body to fight common diseases. Of course, people with active sexual life and with multiple partners are the ones that should check these symptoms regularly. If you seldom experience any of these, chances are you are not HIV positive. For those who know that it can be possible, watching out for this signs can better help you to fight the disease.

In order to be surer, you cannot just make a guess. Individual is advised to get an HIV test to confirm the onset of the disease. An HIV test presents more accurate information that you can based your conclusion. HIV symptoms should also not be taken for granted or treat with not much care and attention.

The more serious are your symptoms or those that are no longer mentioned here can be indicative of a serious state of HIV infection. It is best to keep track of these symptoms every now and then and monitor their progress. Simple HIV symptoms when left unchecked can result in more serious complications and could even be fatal especially those infections coming from the respiratory tract. If symptoms are more obvious than ever, the patient should start to regularly see the doctor and request for immediate medical attention. The earlier the detection of the symptoms the greater is your chance to fight the HIV infection.

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