Eye And Forehead Wrinkles : removed Safely

Eye And Forehead Wrinkles : removed Safely

Eye and forehead wrinkles, even if deep, can be removed safely or at least decreased. How? Why do we get wrinkles? Is there a solution? Yes.

Eye And Forehead Wrinkles

Where Do Wrinkles Come From?

Oxidation is the culprit that causes wrinkles anywhere on the body. Oxidation or free radicals cause the skin to get baggy or sag. Just like rust, oxidation, on metal it changes shape.

Free Radicals Defined

These free radicals are renegade molecules that are on a spree throughout your skin. They run into other cells and disrupt what skin cells are supposed to do - grow into new skin cells. Antioxidants come to the rescue to fight the free radicals that damage the skin and cause eye and forehead wrinkles.

Plant Antioxidants

One outstanding antioxidant that comes from plants is hesperidin. It is a bioflavonoid. Its job is to assist the body in getting rid of wrinkles. Importantly, it strengthens the blood vessels.

Chrysin is another antioxidant that comes from plants, the blue passion flower. We usually don't include blue passion flowers in our diet, so we must get it from another source. In our face cream is a good place to find it.

Forehead Wrinkles

The way to get rid of eye or forehead wrinkles is quite simple but not exactly easy. The solution is to grow new skin. Easy to say, not so easy to do. So can it be done?

A good, natural anti-wrinkle lotion or cream should do it. But not all wrinkle creams are made the same. It must contain a number of key ingredients in the right concentration to be effective. Amino acids of the right kind are essential. Such as : valine, keratin, tryptophan and tetra-peptide 7. These combined with other special ingredients have been shown to grow new skin. The reason new skin cells appear is that an increase in collagen and elastin takes place. The results is a smoother and firmer skin.

Some have proposed the idea that wrinkles appear because of constant frowning or the making of weird faces. Maybe this does in some way contribute to deep eye and deep forehead wrinkles. Who really knows for sure? But we do know wrinkles appear and need attention. The attention should not be from face creams that have synthetic ingredients. Synthesized compounds can and have caused problems and sometimes skin damage.

Deep Wrinkles

So wrinkles do appear. The solution is what needs to be focused on - not just the problem. The solution is to get new skin to grow and keep growing. The body knows how to do that. But as we get older the body seems to "forget how" or just slows down. So how do we get it to remember what to do?

Simply use a day cream, night cream and eye contour gel that has the right ingredients in the proper concentrations. Among others, protein peptides, amino acids and antioxidants will get the skin rejuvenated once again. To get the full story on what all the ingredients are to once again get younger looking skin, see my website listed below. Be sure to sign up for my FREE Health Newsletter. Margaret Bell.

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