Linking Your Skin Beauty And Your Kitchen

Linking Your Skin Beauty And Your Kitchen

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Tittle : Linking Your Skin Beauty And Your Kitchen

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Linking Your Skin Beauty And Your Kitchen

The producer of the cosmetics have brainwashed our minds when it comes to skin beauty and health.

You can find all sorts of products promising heavens and earth and without thinking as customer you fall into the trap and buy worthless skin remedies.

Skin Beauty

When all about artificial skin beauty magic is said and done, and we still are struggling with all kinds of skin problems, let?s try natural ways.

There are simple kitchen-made face masks symbolic of those used in a beauty parlor only that they are cheaper, soothing and a hundred percent natural.

Your facemasks

At the beauty parlor, they take you through a couple of complicated steps which sounds as if you should expect some skin irritations if something goes wrong.

With home made facemasks, all the ingredients you make use of are completely natural and edible.

The various types of facemasks are:

  • Smoothing and softening- take a chunk of cotton wool and dip in fresh milk, then use this to pat all over your face.
  • Wait until twenty to thirty minutes are gone and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Nourishing and cleansing mask- start with a carrot and a turnip boil them together and mash. Use this paste to mask your face for about fifteen minutes and then wash it off with milk. The turnip especially is a good skin cleanser.
  • Have you ever heard of fuller?s earth? This together with potato makes a good remedy for those facial spots and blemishes, removes dirt and grease.
  • Use three teaspoonfuls of fuller?s earth to similar amount of potato juice to make this mask.
  • A papaya mask (one eighth cup of papaya pulp, apply on your face and wash after fifteen minutes with warm water) will improve that dull and greasy complexion.
  • Small quantities of lime juice, cucumber and rose water should be mixed well applied on the face and left for fifteen minutes.
  • Lightness mask: lime, cucumber and carrot juice should be mixed in equal ratios and applied to the face.
  • A different mask made by mixing milk lemon juice and oatmeal all in the same jar is yet another method said to brighten up your complexion.
  • Anti- wrinkle face masks: three teaspoonfuls of fuller?s earth, one teaspoon of honey and adequate onion juice get rid of your blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Use an egg white that has been well crushed up and spread it on your face for fifteen minutes: it removes wrinkles.
  • You need a good cleanser too, one that should improve your blood circulation.
  • Take some barley and add two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice and little milk and mix well and use it on your face.


Are you feeling irritated because every skin lotion you purchase leaves your skin worse than before? If so, it won?t hurt to go natural.

These are to be made using fruits and vegetables. Some beauty expert says that the water you use to wash your spinach, cabbages and beans makes an effective face washing liquid.

Why? This is because is so rich in vitamins but only use it while fresh.

For a skin brightening lotion, add a pinch of turmeric to three teaspoonfuls of cucumber juice as well as a few drops of lemon juice.

I hate my enlarged pores and I suppose you do too. Pore shrinking lotion involves mixing three teaspoonfuls of tomato juice to a few drops of lemon juice.

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