Discover The Truth About Men's Skincare

Discover The Truth About Men's Skincare

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Tittle : Discover The Truth About Men's Skincare

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Discover The Truth About Men's Skincare

Ever wondered why the beauty industry is so focused on women and there is a tendency to neglect men's skincare? The majority of what you read both offline and online talk about cosmetics that target the needs of women. Men anti-aging skincare has traditionally been considered not to be a very lucrative niche.

Nevertheless, times are changing. Men are becoming increasingly conscious of their external appearance and a smooth, young, radiant male face is often synonymous with success.

Men's Skincare

Does men's skincare differ from women's skincare? I mean, are there any significant gender differences that would warrant different skin care treatment?

First, let's consider the underlying mechanism that gives our skin its firmness and suppleness.

The inner layer of our skin called dermis, consists mainly of two proteins, collagen and elastin. When we are young, our body produces these in abundance and therefore we don't have to worry much about taking care of our skin.

However, as we age, our bodies produce less and less of these proteins. As a result, our skin loses its youthful strength and firmness and the dreadful signs of aging start to appear: Wrinkles, sagging and dryness.

This fact applies to both men and women. However, there is a difference: Men have more collagen and elastin to start with and women's level of these proteins falls dramatically after menopause, when their levels of the female hormone estrogen fall as well.

Another marked difference between male and female skin is that men's skin is more prone to inflammation and redness. This is mainly caused by shaving.

In conclusion, there are differences, however subtle, which should be reflected in the list of the ingredients that a high quality men anti-aging skincare product should include.

One example of these ingredients, which is ideal for men's skincare, is Cynergy TK. You might not have heard of it, as it is quite new. In fact, its manufacturing has been the culmination of many years of research from a company in New Zealand called Keratec.

Besides its proven ability to stimulate regrowth of collagen and its antioxidant properties, it is very effective in combating inflammation on male skin. It does this by inhibiting production of the substance Prostaglandin E2, which is the main cause of the inflammation.

I should mention that I have seen the wonderful results of Cynergy TK on my husband's face, when I gave him as a present a cream that contained it! After only one week, his face was softer to the touch and more radiant.

To see other fascinating ingredients and the products I personally use and recommend, visit my website on skin care.

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